Robert Goodden



Robert is a technically based hands-on businessman and a strong conceptual thinker with a fundamental understanding of the use of machines in the marine environment.  He has an eye for what works in that environment both practically and commercially.


He founded, and with his team, built up the world renown offshore drilling company Seacore Ltd  in 1976 and led it until its purchase by the Fugro Group in 2006.


For over thirty years Robert has been at the forefront of new technologies in seabed excavation and drilling.  His expertise lies in rock and soil cutting, heave compensation, large diameter drilling, core drilling, hydraulic systems, application of vessels and jack-up platforms.


Robert has project managed world class drilling and excavation projects and has the ability to get the best out of men, machines and the sea.


His First in Mining Engineer at Camborne School of Mines and his experience as a mining and drilling contractor give him unique understanding of economic realities which when put together with his conceptual thinking quickly leads to first time solutions. 

He acts for and advises several marine mining companies and is the 2017 president of the International Marine Minerals Society

International Marine Minerals Society

Chatham Rock Phosphate

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